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With what should we begin?^^

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Re: Psychology

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Riku hat geschrieben:With what should we begin?^^

Pfff... What a good question *gg*

Have you ever been in a psychologist?
What do you know about psychology?
Which theme about psychology do you like the most? (personality, mental illness, social behaviour...)

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Re: Psychology

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Well, many people linked with environment of ghotic music are affected by depression. Heavy depression is very dangerous because can lead to suicide. Here in Poland, 6 thousand people are commiting suicide every year. Depression is a plague in European Union.

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Re: Psychology

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@ Wampir

Okay so let us talk about depression and emotions, first we shall set an lot of questions about the nature of the depression.
1.Depression what are they?
2.Why do people fall into depression?
3.What can we do, to fight against the depression?
4.When you actually are depressed what do you want to do, to push it away from you?
5.Depressions are not easy to see for everbody, what is a signal for a depression?
6.Depressions are out of mind from the medicals, what the best therapy to cure it at least?

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Re: 1

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What is a depression ? Good question.
It is a deep sadness, feeling of lack of future, lack of will for continue your life. The best thing what you can do is change something in your life for make it better. Most of people do not know what they would change in their's lifes. I will say like this:
It's better to change anything in your life than end your life.
Start from change of profile picture at your account at FB, change wallpaper on your computer, change your e-mail address, when you will go outside for walk - go by way other than usual. When you are facing new things, you are getting new knowledge. When you know more, then you have more chances for find better job and earn more money. And when you have more cash then you can have anything.

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